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Life after academies

Help we can assist you with

We have to be honest and accept the majority of academy players will not be offered a professional contract.  After years of dedication players as young as 16 are told their dreams are over and they have little or no idea of what they can do next.  Have they been given all the life skills to cope with rejection at an early age ?  You can find out more by reading this article.

Other options

You need to plan for this possibility and to consider other options within football and other sports. It is therefore important to do this early while resources are available.

Football Clubs

Professional football clubs and Academies have accepted they have a duty of care to the many players who fail to make the grade each year and they can help support players through the process.


We will also work with academies to ensure they have a robust and comprehensive support system in place for released players.

But you should consider the options listed below as alternatives should you get released:

  • Find out what training opportunities are available through League Football Education (LFE), the academy training partnership set up by The Football League and The Professional Footballers’ Association.
  • Initiatives such as Pitch to Podium, which offers players the chance to transfer their skills to another sport.


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