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About Footballistic Consulting

The football industry is one of the most competitive in the world. Both on & off the pitch the industry is continuing to evolve & throw obstacles your way. This is where Footballistic Consulting steps in.

Footballistic Consulting offers a support service to athletes of all levels & guardians who are in need of industry education. Unfortunately, athletes are regularly exploited due to a lack understanding of their entitlements & rights which ultimately results in poor decisions being made. The key purpose of our service is to act as independent advisors on the most important issues facing athletes & to act on your behalf if you feel you have been unfairly treated.

Our ambition:

  • To build trust and encourage a collaborative approach between athletes, guardians & agents instead of operating behind a hidden agenda.
  • Campaign for the introduction of parent governors in football club academies for better parent representation.
  • Advocate for the welfare rights of young athletes.
  • Facilitate the successful transition of parents and players when released from academies at 16 years and over.

Few words from our Managing Director

We're passionate about making sure parents get the best advice they can and are able to make the right choices for their children.
Marie Laurence Tape

History & Important Dates

  • 2011: Launch of Footballistic Consulting in London
  • 2012: First workshop hosted by FC with 10 families of young players
  • 2014: Safeguarding day to raise awareness of players support

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